Stone Empowerment  
Stone Empowerment book
This unique book is about how to interact with stones for health and healing.

I have organized stone information using an easy to access listing of categories. Also, the healing use for body/mind/emotions/sprit, and any magical use.

I also explain how to bring stones into other interest areas and how to find just the right stone(s) to use for any issue or illness.

To order: Send a check for $32 made out to Jane Hightower, and mail to 473 Creekwalk Circle, Martinez, GA 30907

For more information, contact Jane Hightower by email: or telephone: (706)-860-9537



Stone Empowerment:
A Resource for Both the Beginner and the Adept
by Jane Hightower

I longed for a book where the information on stones was succinct and in a form easy to access. A book which would really show me how to use the stones and enhance other areas of interest with them. I could not find it so, I wrote it.
"J ane, thank you for your personal's wonderful to be able to purchase a book directly from the author.

"I'm very much looking forward to delving into your wonderful book. I came across it in an Amazon review for a crystal book by the author Melody...the reviewer said that her book and your book are the only two "encyclopedias" that one needs for crystal knowledge."

- Kacee Leigh Connolly

To my delight, it has found favor over the past years with stone lovers. I hope it empowers you in connecting with and working with these marvelous mineral folk as much as writing it empowered me.

This book includes complete descriptions of about 220 stones and crystal formations and how to use them for healing and health. Descriptions are in listed category form so the information is easy to find without having to read through paragraph after paragraph. There is also a listing of 3370 terms, issues, and illnesses from our body/mind/spirit reality and the stones which balance, heal, and support those areas.

You will learn how to make stone essences, how to use stones with the Medicine Wheel, Phases of the Moon, Astrology, the Christian Sacraments, Jewish Tree of Life, and many other areas. Stone layouts for healing are described and forms are provided for your creative use. The Human Energy System (with a study of the Chakras in the same listed form) is included, along with descriptions of the Sacred Rays, our Solar System, Astrological Signs, and how to find your own Sacred Number.

Above all this is an invitation to have FUN!!

To order, send a check for $32 made out to Jane Hightower, and mail to:

Jane Hightower
473 Creekwalk Circle
Martinez, GA 30907


All information on this web-site is intended to be a supportive part of a holistic approach to health and not intended to replace allopathic medicine (medical doctors), chiropractic care, counseling, or other integrative health modalities. To be truly holistic, use everything at your disposal for your total health and highest good.


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